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    How to Choose the Right Hair Straightener for You

    When Looking for the right flat iron for your hair the choices can be daunting. There are so many different types flat irons and each one works well on a specific type of hair. In order to choose the best flat iron or hair straightener for your hair you need to first determine what type of hair you have.


    Next, you need to look at your budget, there are professional flat irons that will give you those saloon like looks. However be prepared to pay a premium for them. But believe it or not there are some budget friendly flat irons that can do almost just as well. Several budget friendly straighteners are available for under $100.


    A few of the most popular brands are Paul Mitchell Pro Tools, HSI Professional, FHI Heat Tools, Babybliss Pro, and Hot Tools Flat irons.  


    Different Flat Irons have different Plate materials.  This is the last item to consider when purchasing a flat iron.  There are three major types of plates, Titanium, Tourmaline, and Ceramic.   They are all discussed later on the site.  Each has it pros and cons, you just need to see which one will work the best for your hair type.  


    When you know your hair type, finding the best straightener for your hair is much easier. 

    Best Flat Irons for Your Hair 

     With all of the specialized hair styling implements on the market today, it is important to realize that a flat iron is different from a curling iron, and works very differently from the motorized styling brushes. Though it is called a “flat” iron, and is normally associated with making the hair flatter, not curlier, also realize that different kinds of flat irons can make different sorts of effects on your hair. Of course, their primary function is to straighten hair, but they can also wave it and curl it, depending on how you use it.

    The Four Types of Hair 

    Fine, Mostly Straight

    - If you have thin fine hair that has a tendency to get frizzy easily, then you will want to get a flat iron with a high heat output to tame the beast.


    Fine, Mostly Curly

    -If your hair is fine, but very curly, you will want to find a flat iron that has a wide range of temperatures to choose from, so you can pick the one that works for your particular mixture of texture and density

    The Four Types of Hair 

    Thick, Mostly Straight

    -Even if you have only a little wave or curl that needs to be tamed, thick hair demands more heat than fine hair. Look for a model with many different temperature settings and a larger plate that allows you to spread your thick hair out


    Thick, Mostly Curly

    -You will want to look for a model that offers you both high heat and hair protection. Though you might have unruly hair, you will still want an ionized model that will protect your hair

  • Top 3 Healthy Hair tips

    1. Keep up with Your Trims

    2. Blow dry your hair at 80% Heat

    3.  Use Deep Conditioners Weekly

  • Flat Iron Brand Reviews

    HSI Professional flat iron reviews

    The HSI Professional Flat Iron actually smoothes, seals, and repeals static electricity with ion technology.  This Hair Straightener also has a speedy heat-up features that allows you to significantly cut down your preparation time. In the past, you either have to turn your flat iron on and leave it to heat up while you get dressed or shower, you can now plug it in and in a few seconds have a perfectly hot unit to begin the styling process.

    Babyliss Flat iron reviews

    With ultra slim design and titanium plates, the Nano Titanium is one of the best flat irons in its price range.


    The titanium plates are much smoother than even the smoothest ceramic and tourmaline plates, for optimal straightening of even the most damaged, frizzy, curly, and coarse hair.

    With far-infrared heat, even the highest temperatures will not fry hair, instead, helping to seal in the moisture and natural oils that hair needs in order to be shiny and healthy.

    Cortex flat iron reviews

    Established in 2004, Cortex International is the leader in hair expression, providing the most advanced tourmaline and ceramic flat irons and hair care products for both professional and home use. Dedicated to customer service and the highest quality, Cortex flat irons are individually inspected before shipping and are backed by a one year warranty. The Cortex Collections are designed to provide amazing results and performance. Straighten, Curl, wave or flip your hair quickly and with ease to create a bold new look. Say goodbye to frizzy, dry hair and experience the smooth, shiny, silky hair you've always wanted.

    Hot Tools flat iron reviews

    The plates on this iron are rounded at the edges, which is a pretty cool way of making sure you don’t get crimps in your hair when you’re using it. They also make it easier to curl your hair. Yes, you can use your straightening iron to curl your hair!


    Heat When You Need It.  A lot of different hair types can take advantage of the different options in temperature, but everyone should do their homework before putting an iron on their hair. Different textures, lengths and thicknesses need varying heat types, and that means it’s pretty easy to burn your hair. Using too little heat though, can lead to frizz and hair that doesn’t stay in place for the whole day. At this point, you’ve basically wasted your time getting it under control to begin with.

    Paul Mitchell Flat Iron Reviews

    While all ceramic flat irons are marketed as being “faster” than other hair styling implements, only a few truly heat up faster than others and actually get the styling done faster than others. 


    This model from Paul Mitchell really does what it claims to do—it shortens the entire styling process, by heating up quickly and styling quickly. It is even one of those flat irons that you can use to make many different styles, as the iron is designed specifically to do more than just straighten your hair

  • Learn How to Curl with Your Flat Iron

    They Curl and Straighten too!

  • Flat Iron types

    titanium flat iron reviews

    Babybliss Pro Flat Irons Use Titanium

    Flat irons with titanium plates are widely consider the only metal flat irons worth buying. No other metal can achieve the same level of flatness that titanium can, which means that all other kinds of metals can snag and pull at hair. With titanium plates, you can achieve the same silky, shiny hair that ceramic plates.

    Tourmaline flat iron reviews

    FHI Flat Irons Use Tourmaline Plates

    Tourmaline crystals greatly increase the amount of heat that can be applied to the hair, while helping to create a smoother surface, to reduce tugging and pulling. Tourmaline is naturally ionized, so as the flat iron is passed over the hair, the material actually seals the hair closed, sealing in needed moisture to eliminate dry, frizzy, and unmanageable hair.

    Ceramic Flat Iron Reviews

    Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Use Ceramic 

    Ceramic is by far the most popular material for flat irons, as it is both inexpensive to purchase and actually works better to smooth and straighten hair at a lower temperature. The ceramic plates are great for eliminating frizz, for smoothing the hair, and even for locking in moisture.

  • Why You need a flat iron

    Because Looking this Good isn't Easy

  • Most Popular Hair Straighteners | Best Hair Straighteners 2016

    FHI Flat Iron Reviews

    The FHI Heat Platform is the perfect shape for both short and long hair. The plates float, so you can easily curl, wave, and straighten your hair without worrying about pulling or frying your follicles. Because tourmaline heats up faster and more thoroughly than other materials, it is easy to style your hair without having to pass the flat iron multiple times over the same section of hair.  The FHI is definitely at the top of our list for Most Popular Hair Straighteners.

    Croc Flat Iron Reviews

    Because the Croc Classic is made with titanium, it is also intended to smooth the hair cuticle, resulting in smoother, shinier hair with continual use.


    One of the greatest praises offered from actual customers is the flat iron’s result time. As anyone with stubbornly curly or wavy hair can attest, having to take the time to straighten hair every morning can be extremely frustrating. Many users found that, using the Croc Classic, every day straightening was no longer a necessity. Instead, users were pleased to discover that styled hair lasted several days, cutting back on usage.

    Chi Flat Iron Reviews

    The CHI straightener is made with ceramic plates. Ceramic plates are often lauded for their ability to minimize damage to hair. They differ, however, from titanium plates in that they are not designed to work in conjunction with hair products; rather, ceramic plates are intended to buoy hair into greater health and vibrancy.


    CHI provides customers with a well-respected brand in personal beauty products, and this particular model is no different. Users expressed satisfaction with the model’s ability to heat and style quickly.

    Royale Flat Iron Reviews

    Royale has long been recognized for its high quality products. However, the Royale flat iron doesn’t just rely on the company’s reputation as it really has a host of practical and useful features.


    One of the highlights here is its use of enhanced ionic field technology as it seals in the oils in ways that would not otherwise be possible. The straightener also comes with nano silver plates and infrared technology for more efficient use

    Solia Flat Iron Reviews

    Solia’s Tourmaline Ceramic Iron is, as the name suggests, a flat iron constructed with ceramic. Like most ceramic irons (and unlike titanium irons), the Solia is capable of use as a straightener and curler both, and should be used without the addition of any hair products or protectants.


    Many users have had the same flat iron, without problems, for over 5 years, and continue to enjoy smooth sailing despite having dropped the product, left it in hot vehicles, and generally been unforgiving toward it. By the same token, many expressed pleasure regarding the unit’s large size

    Jose Eber Flat Iron Reviews

    The “Worlds Fastest Styling Iron” by Jose Eber is a great iron. It truly heats up to the maximum temperature in 5 seconds! The plates are smooth and glide over the hair, and it also has a heat dial which prevents you from using unnecessary heat.


    This iron is 1.25 inches and has 100% pure ceramic plates, which are great to minimize damage to hair.  The plates are black, so they won’t discolor because of hair products you use.  This iron took about 40 seconds to heat up.  I had to run it over my hair the typical 3-4 times per piece


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